How it works

3 easy steps



Getting started

Enter your cash inflows and outflows and CashFlowMapper tells you what your cash flow will look like in both easy-to-read numerical and a graphical formats. 

It's easy to use and even easier to see the benefits. CashFlowMapper turns your basic information and transactions into a cash flow plan that will carry your business or your personal finances into the future.




1. Set the cash flow plan parameters

  • Set the name and description of the plan
  • Set the start and end dates of your forecasting or "plan" period
  • Set your opening cash balance
  • set your "comfort level" of cash - the balance you do not want to fall below



2. Enter your transactions for the cash flow plan

  • This is done manually, by upload using our template or a combination of both
  • Set a description of the transaction
  • Set the frequency of the transaction (e.g. daily, weekly, fortnightly etc)
  • Set the first date of the transaction
  • Specify how many times the transaction occurs and optionally set a finish date
  • Complete all transactions, view and download your forecast
  • View your forecast numerically or in tabulated format
  • Hover over a specific date and view all transactions for that day
  • See your balance on a day by day or month by month basis



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3. View a graph of your cash forecast, export your data

  • Hover over a date on the graph and all transactions are shown
  • There's your cash flow report for your board / planning / bank meeting all ready to go!
  • Create a graph showing multiple scenarios.  A forecasting report anyone can understand!
  • Export this to a PNG file for use in documentation
  • Export to spreadsheet a "traditional" cash flow forecast report showing:
    • Month & plan-to-date movements and balances per transaction
    • Month & plan-to-date opening and closing cash
    • Month & plan-to-date total cash movement
  • Export your plan and transactions for editing in spreadsheet format, and re-import to quickly create an alternative plan


CashFlowMapper screenshot tour

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