Features and Benefits

Explore some of the features and benefits of CashFlowMapper



Cash flow intelligence made easy

CashFlowMapper is a tool designed to allow you to accurately and confidently forecast the movements in cash flow allowing for all the different types of transactions your situation has.

Whether you are doing your own personal budget, or forecasting the activity for a multi-million dollar business, CashFlowMapper will tell you, in numerical and graphical form:

  • Movements in your cash balance on a daily basis
  • Where cash shortages and excesses occur, so you can plan for these
  • If you are going to fall below a "comfort level" of cash balance - which you determine

Whether you are a business owner, the CFO or FC of a business, or in the business of advising others (how many of you "do the books", compliance work, and present historical reporting only?), CashFlowMapper is the ideal tool for presenting a forecast in a form anyone can understand and act on.



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Features and Benefits of CashFlowMapper

All the Tools Needed to Forecast Cash

  • Plans created by import and / or manual editing – whatever is easiest.
  • Reflect transactions as they actually happen in reality, not just an estimation.
  • Plan for a few weeks or to up to 10 years.
  • Know when your consumption tax (GST, VAT, sales tax…) is due, as well as the amount.
  • Foreign exchange transactions catered for.
  • Map your forecast against your “comfort level” of cash.
  • Apply inflation and projected growth factors.
  • Group similar transactions for condensed reporting.
  • Import payables & receivables (with consumption taxes) from selected accounting packages.
  • Merge plans into one – ideal for multiple bank accounts, divisions or projects.
  • Easily create scenarios / budget v actual comparisons.

Prepare Rolling Forecasts

  • The most powerful cash flow management tool there is.
  • Your cash flow plan rolls forward to make today it’s starting point.
  • Edit / import data from accounting software as needed – you have the most up-to-date picture of your forecast cash movements in an instant.

If you prepare only one cash flow plan for your business / clients, this is it.

Reporting for All Users

  • Online reports that show daily and cumulative movements and balances for every day of your plan.
  • Graphical reports (showing more than one plan if you wish) with daily commentary – a cash flow report anyone can understand and act on.
  • Exportable reports:
    • Full audit trail.
    • Traditional report showing month and plan-to-date movements and balances for opening & closing cash, total movement in cash, and all (groups of) transactions.


  • Work as a team – one subscription allows you and your team to use CashFlowMapper.
  • Share plans with advisors / clients as needed so you can work together.


  • No finance or accounting knowledge required.
  • Easy to follow manual can be downloaded or use the video tutorials.
  • Prompts appear throughout CashFlowMapper to guide you along.


  • Free trial requires no credit card.
  • Pay monthly or yearly in advance. No extra charges for assistance or upgrades.
  • If your subscription expires, your data remains intact. Access it by reactivating your account.


  • No software to download.
  • All data secured by 128 bit encrypted SSL channel.