Cloud Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting Software


Take charge of one of your most important business assets - your bank account


Understand why cash flow visibility is so important

Without a map, you don't know where you're going


Get visibility of when cash will be tight and you need to rein in spending
or when you will have excess cash that you can take advantage of


Understand why cash flow visibility is so important

Get more control by knowing your cash position at any time


For Business Owners, CFOs, Financial Controllers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Consultants and Advisors


Understand why cash flow visibility is so important

Great Benefits of CashFlowMapper


CashFlowMapper help

Easily create and compare different scenarios for your situation

CashFlowMapper help

See your cash movements on a daily basis in both numerical and graphical form

CashFlowMapper help

Get advance warning of when you are approaching your minimum balance so you can take action

CashFlowMapper help

Know when you have excess cash so you can take advantage of surpluses

CashFlowMapper help

Information at your fingertips to help you make the right decision quickly




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CashFlowMapper represents your business as it happens in real life.  You can forecast your cash flow over any timeframe you like from days to years.  Always know where you stand in relation to your comfort level of cash.  Your cash flow forecast is represented both numerically and graphically with live daily commentary on all cash movements and balances.


Cash flow for dummies

No financial knowledge or skills are required - CashFlowMapper is cash flow forecasting that anyone can understand.


Import your data directly from your accounting software or use data exported from your online banking website.


Merge different scenarios or cash flow plans into an overall picture of your cash flow. Overlay scenarios or plan graphs together and compare visually - all with commentary.


Export your cash flow plans ready-made to excel for presenting and modelling or for inclusion in reports.


Collaborate and share with your team, advisors and clients.


Draw from a wealth of help including online tutorials, videos and email/phone support.


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