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Frequently Asked Questions

CFM works by mapping your transactions exactly as they occur. For example, if your net payroll is paid fortnightly on a Thursday, and the tax on your payroll is paid quarterly on the 28th of the month, then CFM maps these transactions accordingly. 

You can manipulate your cash flow plans using any combination of manual editing, using the csv upload facility, or linking to selected accounting packages.

You can make your cash flow plans rolling so that they always start at today’s date and roll forward. You can’t miss anything this way.

You can apply any frequency or recurrence type required to a transaction, along with:

  • Telling CFM whether  consumption tax (GST, VAT, sales tax etc.) is levied on a cash or invoice basis.
  • Giving transactions a finish date or a set number of occurrences.
  • Annual inflation and factors each occurrence.
  • Foreign exchange.
  • Group transactions for summarised reporting and view reports online with commentary, or export to spreadsheet.

Simply take out a free trial! No payment details are required.

Access the knowledge base which also has links to the tutorial videos.

Most people are operational with CFM within 30-45 minutes, but if you ever need help, it’s free.

You have the chance to convert your trial into a paid subscription after the 30-day trial period.

Yes, but CFM does not require you to use specific accounting systems, or indeed any accounting systems at all for you to get the full benefit of the software.CFM has API links to selected accounting systems. These links import bank balances and/or outstanding debtors and creditors, complete with their due dates and consumption tax components.

Yes. When you subscribe, you can give access to your team to your full account on a view or edit access basis.

You can share workspaces with your client, as well as give team members specific access to workspaces if preferred.

There’s no additional cost for adding users.

Yes. You pay for each workspace in your account on a month-in-advance or year-in-advance (20% discount) basis.

As you add or delete workspaces, your billing is adjusted accordingly.

Team members and clients using workspaces shared by you pay nothing.

Single businesses will generally only need one workspace. Subscribers in the advisory sector will have one workspace per client. There are no limits to the number of plans in a workspace.

This is an education process. Too often, businesses focus on cash flow only when things get tight, and often it can be too late, and you can be profitable and bankrupt simultaneously!

There are two reasons to focus on cash flow forecasting, the first is to manage funds in times of a crisis, but the second is to foresee when there will be excess funds to take advantage of. This latter point is often ignored.

The cash flow forecast is the most important business report, more so than profit and loss, and more so than the balance sheet. These latter two reports record history and can suggest what the future might hold. That’s important, but not as important as the future itself which is what cash flow forecasting is all about.

Yes. Transactions subject to tax are identified in CFM and imported from your accounting software if you are using this feature.

CFM’s tax calendars accumulate the tax due on each tax remittance date and tell you what’s owing or owed. No more nasty tax surprises!

CFM has tax calendars for use covering several jurisdictions and adds to these. If you need one, let us know and we’ll build it for you. You can even build your own, if need be, which is a very simple process.

No problem! With CFM, you set up a plan for each bank account or business unit, and with a couple of clicks, merge these plans into a consolidated plan to get an overall picture of cash flow.

CFM allows you to apply fixed exchange rates to transactions or use foreign exchange calendars that apply exchange rates on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Use as many currencies as you need.

CFM is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Their security information is available on their website.

CFM uses Stripe for payments. You can check their security credentials on their website.

You shouldn’t have to use one software package in order to use another one!

Whilst CFM allows you to import bank balances, debtors and creditors from selected accounting software if you choose, relying exclusively on accounting software has the flaw of you being unable to include data that’s not in your accounting system in your cash flow plans. For example, predicted new debtors or creditors or any other type of transaction not yet occurring in your business.

By entering or uploading your data into CFM, you have as much flexibility as you need around how you map your transactions which you can’t get from imported accounting data.


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