Effective Cash Flow Tool Tailored for Small Businesses

Cash flow made easy for small business owners

Forecast your cash flow over any timeframe and always know where you stand in relation to your ‘comfort level’ of cash. 


Excel at cash flow beyond basic spreadsheets

Easy, regular reporting

From traditional reporting of monthly movements to budget vs actual comparisons, as well as daily detail, CFM's cash flow tool for small businesses lets you easily report on the full picture of cash flow, anytime.

Map different scenarios

Answer those ‘what if?’ questions about the future state of your business by mapping out different scenarios, and overlaying them to compare.

Integrate with accounting

Easily import data directly from selected accounting software (if you like) and export your cash flow plans ready for reports or presentations.


know when to plan ahead for cash shortfalls or surplus

create & compare scenarios based on different, real-world situations

get advance warnings when you’re approaching your ‘comfort level’

access online dashboards showing daily & cumulative movements


The cashflow tool your business needs to...

Future-proof your finances

Forecast your cash flow over any timeframe, up to 10 years, always knowing where you stand against your comfort level of cash with advance warnings when you’re approaching your minimum cash balance.

Make informed decisions

See your forecasted cash movements with both bottom-line numbers and easy-to-read graphs, so you know when you have excess cash to splash or need to be a bit more conservative with upcoming costs.

Report in real-time

CFM creates instant forecasting reports anyone can understand, using your up-to-date forecast data as well as current outstanding payables and receivables from your accounting software.


Want forecasts at your fingertips?

Take charge of one of your most important business assets — your bank account!