What can CashFlowMapper do for you?

CashFlowMapper is a cash flow analysis tool that lets you to accurately and confidently forecast the movements of your cash flow, allowing for all the different types of transactions you might have, whether you’re forecasting for a business or just for yourself.


Rolling Forecasts

CashFlowMapper (CFM) gives you full financial visibility as of today, so you know in advance when you’ll need to reign in spending or when you’ll have excess cash to take advantage of.

Easily add data exported from your accounting software, and export or display your cash flow plans online, ready for important reports or presentations.

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Scenario Mapping

Answer those “what if?” questions by easily creating and comparing scenarios based on different situations. Create budget vs actual comparisons, merge plans, and overlay graphs of various plans (scenarios) to compare.

Not only does CFM handle scenarios, it also takes variables into account throughout your plans, like foreign exchange rates, inflation, and consumption tax (GST, VAT, sales tax…)

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Business Alerts

When you get started with CFM, you’ll begin by entering or uploading a minimum balance or ‘comfort level’ of cash, to forecast against.

The system will send you advance warnings when you’re approaching your minimum, so you can take early action and avoid being caught out.


Quick Reporting

CFM’s reporting can be as simple or complex as you need it to be, with online dashboards showing daily and cumulative movements anyone can understand.

You can even group similar transactions for condensed reporting, or merge multiple cash flow plans into one – ideal for multiple bank accounts, divisions, or projects.

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Team Collaboration

One subscription with CFM allows you and your team to work together or easily share plans with advisors or clients, so you’re always on the same page.

Our easy-to-understand reporting dashboard is accessible anywhere, anytime, from our secure online portal, so there’s no need to download any bulky software.

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Helpful Resources

CashFlowMapper’s Help Centre inside the application is full of handy resources to get you started or take your cash flow forecasting to the next level.

Our blog is filled with industry insights too, keeping you up-to-date and helping you become an expert in mapping cash flow for your business.


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