The CashFlowMapper Story

It’s easy to produce profit and loss statements, balance sheets, or cash flow statements based on what’s already happened, but looking at the past doesn’t always give you the best view of the future.

Future-proof your business
Report easily & accurately
Make informed decisions

That’s why CashFlowMapper was developed: to provide a powerful, forward-looking capability so many accounting systems lack.

CashFlowMapper is designed to complement and enhance your existing accounting tools — not to replace them. There’s no need to overhaul your current systems or waste money on complex ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) that provide cash flow forecasting alongside a host of other features you simply don’t need.

“Cash flow forecasting is the most important function in finance and business management. You can be profitable yet bankrupt… You can’t rely on your accounting system (as important as it is) for cash flow forecasting as it’s historically focussed. Also, very few business transactions actually occur in a neat monthly fashion per your accounting profit and loss; they can occur on a weekly or quarterly basis, in periodic clumps or as one-offs to name but a few possibilities. CFM is a future-oriented complement to your historically-based accounting system (you don’t even need your accounting system to use it), not a replacement for it. We hope you find CFM useful for your situation, whatever it may be.”
Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, but cash balance is ever-changing. While it’s good to know what happened in the past month, it’s crucial to anticipate what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, in 6 months, or even further down the track. Will you have excess cash to invest into your business, or should you be reigning expenditure in? An accurate cash flow forecast should map transactions as they happen in real life. Very few business transactions actually occur in a neat, monthly fashion; they can happen weekly or quarterly, in batches, or as one-offs. The value of a transaction may change too, depending on re-negotiation, inflation, or currency exchange rates. That’s why cash flow forecasting is so important to gain insight into the future of your finances.

Whatever your cash flow needs, CFM is the easy-to-use and understand platform to visualise your (or your clients’) future cash flow movements and take action accordingly in a timely manner, rather than at the last minute.


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