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Why CashFlowMapper?

Producing Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets & Cash Flow Statements which measure past activity, using standard accounting systems tends to be no problem. It is often possible to produce a useful report straight out of the system.

Those same accounting systems also facilitate the input of budgets and are used for variance reporting. However, business activities such as future marketing campaigns, sales promotions, capital purchasing or financing; new product or service offerings; price & operating expense changes; and a myriad of other events all have cash flow implications. Consequently, cash flow forecasting is the most important function in finance and is crucial for successful management and control of every business.

CashFlowMapper complements existing, historical-looking accounting systems by providing the powerful forward-looking capability that so many of them lack. It’s an enhancement not a replacement. There’s no need to junk current investment, or waste money on more elaborate, complex and costly systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), that often provide cash flow forecasting along with a whole host of other features that you simply don’t need.

CashFlowMapper provides efficient cash flow forecasting, cost effectively filling the gap between standard accounting systems and expensive ERP systems.



Mastering Transaction Chaos

Reporting monthly profit and loss is important, but very few business transactions actually occur in a neat monthly fashion. They can occur on a weekly or quarterly basis, in periodic clumps or as one-offs, to identify but a few possibilities. The value of a transaction may be subject to change upon contract re-negotiation or due to inflation. These are just some of the important factors that shape cash flow. An accurate cash flow forecast maps transactions exactly as they occur in reality.

Cash balance itself is a dynamic beast. It is good to know what happened in the preceding month, but it is crucial to anticipate what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, 6 months or 3 years down the track as well, so you can plan for shortfalls or take advantage of surpluses.



CashFlowMapper Proven in Business Large and Small

CashFlowMapper is used for forecasting, planning, scenario analysis and board reporting in businesses large and small, as well as for personal budgeting. Its usefulness in any cash flow situation has been proved numerous times.

The features of CashFlowMapper have been developed as situations have demanded. This process will continue and will make CashFlowMapper of more use to more people.

We hope you find CashFlowMapper useful for your situation, whatever it may be.




Lee Horobin and the Birth of the Idea

Lee Horobin is the founder and leader of CashFlowMapper. Lee has held a number of senior accounting & finance positions in companies of all sizes across varied industries. He has been responsible for preparing all manner of business reports.

Many standard accounting systems Lee used did not have the capability to report and help manage cash flow. This set Lee thinking about a solution to this problem, and the idea for CashFlowMapper was born.

He continues to refine the design and functionality, making sure the solution evolves to meet the needs of customers, with the wider CashFlowMapper team.


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